Good News! Golong Technology successfully entered the UnionPay bus equipment procurement project
Release time:2018-10-12

At the beginning of the new year, Golong Technology triumphant news keep pouring in! On 12th January, 2018, China UnionPay Co。, Ltd。 officially announced that Golong Technology was successfully selected as one of the major suppliers of UnionPay vehicle machines in 2018 bus equipment procurement project。


Golong Technology is the leading professional high-tech enterprise! Committed to building the most influential and trustworthy payment system software and hardware development. At present, Golong Technology has cooperated with Zhejiang UnionPay and Sichuan UnionPay to help many cities such as Hangzhou, Zhangzhou, Mianyang, Tengzhou, QUzhou and Wenzhou etc achieve intelligent cities. Passengers can experience new payment methods in the Internet era. Golong and UnionPay have always had in-depth cooperation in the field of public transportation payments, and we want to work together to create an intelligent city! This successful entry into one of UnionPay's core suppliers also marks that Golong Technology has reached the top level of this industry.


The successful entry of Golong Technology's bus POS machine fully demonstrates Golong's strong technical capabilities in product development, manufacturing and payment security assurance in the field of public transportation payments. Later, Guolang will help more enterprises and improve passenger consumption experience, enhance payment security, reduce operating costs and improve management capabilities.

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