Golong Technology Cooperated with UnionPay Quickpass to boost the construction of Guizhou Intelligent University!
Release time:2018-10-12


In October 2017, Guiyang City was identified as one of the 19 demonstration cities in the "Mobile Payment Convenience Demonstration Project." On December 11th of the same year, the unified mobile cloud payment "Quickpass" APP was formally launched. Consumers can use the “Quickpass” APP to bind their personal bank account to enjoy online account management, II/III account opening, mobile phone PAY, free confidential payment cancellation, QR code payment, and payment transfer. Remote payment and other mobile financial services are convenient, fast, and secure.

Currently in Guizhou area, “Quickpass” has covered areas such as transportation, education, and people’s livelihood。 Whether a bus, high-speed raiway, or a campus, the public can enjoy the “Unionpay Quickpass” payment experience。

In terms of transportation, the “Quickpass” is now fully covered within Huaxi University City. From campus bus to inter-school bus, ubiquitous mobile payment has truly brought convenience to people.

Breakout in bus applications

众购彩票官网Currently, the "Quickpass" APP has achieved a breakthrough in bus applications. In the public transportation field, Huaxi Wanda buses have gradually realized “Quickpass”. Passengers can use bank cards or mobile phones to make payments to use on UnionPay smart devices by taking cards, making cell phones (mobile pay), scanning codes, etc. It enable students to travel smartly.

众购彩票官网                                                  Inter-school bus in Huaxi University




众购彩票官网2.Mobile payment appears on campus

In addition to public transportation, school bus application is also a major highlight of Quickpass. The “Quickpass into campus” activity has facilitated the daily travel of more teachers and students. At the same time, the “one cent(RMB) School Bus” campus discount activity has also eased the economic pressure on students and was warmly welcomed by teachers and students.

                                             Guizhou University of Finance and Economics







                                                       Guizhou Minzu University



3. Introduction to application methods

In fact, the use of "Quickpass" APP is very simple!

About bank card payment:

Bringing the UnionPay IC card (chip card) with "Quickpass" logo to the proximity area and waving it. When a voice prompt is heard, the payment is successful.

About mobile APP payment:

众购彩票官网Just take out the UnionPay card or poke all kinds of mobile phone Pay, shake about 4cm in front of the machine。 When hear the voice prompts and get it, and it takes less than 2 seconds。

众购彩票官网4.Usage introduction

Quickpass APP has launched a number of special promotions to truly serve students and let them enjoy real benefits.

School bus: take school bus with only 0.1RMB

Bus: deduct 1.99RMB to take a bus(as of May 31,2018)


The change in payment methods has brought a drastic change in the life way to the public. Mobile payment is an inevitable trend in the development of future payments.

Facing future, the “Quickpass” APP will cover more areas and realize multi-scene applications。 Guizhou UnionPay will also work with banks, acquirers and service providers to promote the rapid development of UnionPay Quickpass payment and realize a better mobile payment experience。

Here, we send invitations to the national college bus company, inter-school bus company, canteen catering management company, campus merchants, etc. We hope to work together with you to create a more convenient and beautiful campus environment and truly benefit the students.

众购彩票官网Cooperation Hotline:

Manager Zhang  400-0159-916 

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