Convenience service upgrade! Bus-taking new experience from Cixi bus card-swiping machine
Release time:2018-10-18

众购彩票官网Starting in 2018, Cixi installed new Bus card-swiping card machines for public transportation, and the machines have all-pay integrated payment functions。


There are a total of three areas on the passenger facing side of POS machine. The screen in the middle can display information such as the fare of the line. The following sensor area can be used by the passengers for swiping, just like old card reader.


Next, it's time to take out your phone to scan code! Open the UnionPay Quickpass Apps or any other APPs that can use the UnionPay QR code, click on “Payment” to call up the payment code, point the QR code at the code-scanning area, wait until the machine hints successful payment.

Code-scanning position is as follows (of course, this distance is still a bit far, the actual operation can be slightly closer):

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